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Workpiece carrier systems

Can't your products or shouldn't they be directly transported on a plastic chain conveyor or on a conveyor belt?

Do your products have to be gently transferred yet still be held up and provided with every precision for further processes?
Do you intend to link assembly stations or processing machines one to another yet still requiring flexibility?
The solution here comes in the form of the E-M-M-A workpiece carrier system. Protected all-round as they are, your workpieces can be safely conveyed from station to station.

Fixed-cycle releasing and buffering ahead of bottlenecks, workpiece precision-positioning on the freely circulating pallets with standardised stoppers and fixing units can all be done with ease.
The minor aspects have not been forgotten; there are even holders for the sensor technology in the conveyor technology construction kit.
The E-M-M-A pallet can be individually adjusted to your product on the top side; the underside is standardised for transport. stopping and positioning.