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Change over with a mouse click

E-M-M-A, System Astrra, change over at the click of a mouse
Raise your production and output by minimizing change over times. Change over, for example lateral guides, top guides, feeder screw conveyors, switch plates, labelling units, difficult-to-access system parts, bends and curves with the maximum precision within a few minutes. Integrate new product variants into your bottling plant within seconds; shorten the re-running up time after system equipping.

The E-M-M-A Astrra system fits all the customary conveying systems and is of the IP 67 protection type.

E-M-M-A System Astrra and Industry 4.0
Smart automation is what you need to further increase efficiency and flexibility in the production process. It is thus the requirement for adaptive manufacturing - one which rapidly reacts to changing customer wishes.

Intelligent systems for changing the information into physical factors are needed.Thanks to the perfected and tried-and-tested software, E-M-M-A,  System Astrra Actuators are today bringing tomorrow's smart automation into your production sequence. In this way, a single movement of the hand is enough to change over your change over.

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